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What am i going to learn?


  • Hands-on lessons from symphony virtuosos on EVERY instrument and section in the modern orchestra
  • The emotional and psychological role that the underscore plays in film
  • The terminology of the film scoring world
  • Scoring using MIDI
  • Creating mockups and sample libraries
  • Current computer technology and maximizing your computers for efficacy and efficiency
  • Using multiple computers with ethernet-based Vienna Ensemble Pro
  • Setting up templates
  • Using MIDI controllers such as Composer Tools Pro, Lemur, and hardware and software midi controllers
  • Syncing video and audio
  • Creating realistic mockups
  • Modern Sound Design and use of synthesis in film scoring
  • Mixing for film
Film Scoring Instructor Michael Whittaker Conducting In The Studio


Inon Zur

Emmy award-winner and three-time British Academy nominated composer :

“Michael Whittaker…. a consummate professional! One of the most proficient all-around musicians I have ever met.  An inspiring composer and a true master of music production for multimedia…”

Jermaine Stegall

Composer , "Coming 2 America", "Our Star Wars Stories", "Proximity"

“Michael Whittaker’s Film Scoring Courses/Classes are absolutely incredible.  To have an Instructor that is such an amazingly talented Composer and Musician that is also a tremendous communicator of information is invaluable.  I wish that I had something like this 30 years ago…”

Kevin Teasley

Composer, Producer, Sound Designer, Arranger, Founder & CEO | TONIC Music+Creative

“I have worked wih Michael for the better part of 20 years and have been super impressed with not only his orchestrational skills and musical knowledge, but also by the utmost professionalism in which he conducts himeslf. I highly reccomend him to anyone who wants only the best for their musical production.”

Mark Ferrari

CEO of MasterSource, "Donnie Darko", "Cruel Intentions", "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

“Michael Whittaker is a unique and engaging talent. His experience as a musician, producer and composer sets him apart from others. He is also a world class jazz pianist. It was a pleasure to work with him at Fox Family Worldwide, where he created so many amazing scores for film and television.”

Teri Nelson Carpenter

CEO, Reel Musik Werks