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We are so excited to help you along your journey. Please skim over the course and take a look at all the sections as you begin. We recommend taking the course in order from top to bottom. Don’t get hung up on not knowing all the advanced film scoring details before you begin your first assignments! The assignments are meant to be done multiple times as you improve. Also, as you begin you may not have a lot of sample libraries or Kontakt yet. That is OK! I personally recommend the East West Composer Cloud as an affordable way to have an incredible arsenal of sounds right from the start. You may also consider beginning libraries from Spitfire (BBC Discover Orchestra free version) and others as well.  The point is to get scoring to picture, not to hit up your pocketbook for thousands of dollars in libraries.


The course is being added to regularly! Please note: BETA sections will be updated with additional content.


While you already have over 20 hours of film scoring content, there is more content being developed and edited! Please check back for this and thank you for being patient as we roll out even more great modules!


Homework Evaluation And Getting Help:

We are here to help and if you are stuck or have technical issues please email us at thefilmscoreseminar@gmail.com. For homework evaluation (PAID FEATURE ADD ON) (please watch video on how to submit) send viewable link to thefilmscoreseminar@gmail.com.Technical issues when you set things up are normal as a composer, so get some coffee take a deep breath and know there is help out there!






Materials Required:

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction To Film Scoring
Film Score History
Elements Of Score
Module 2: Orchestration Overview With David Shipps
Orchestra Lessons
Template Creation and Mixing (BETA)
Module 5: MIDI Mockups
Initial Score and DAW setup for score to picture assignments
Scoring To Picture Assignment #1 - "Romance At The Swingset"
Computer Technology 1
Scoring and Sample Library Software
Scoring To Picture Assignment #2 - "Searching"
Scoring To Picture Assignment #3 - "Red Riding Hood"
Scoring To Picture Assignment #4 - "Erskinator"
Scoring To Picture Assignment #5 - "The Escape"
Scoring To Picture Assignment #6 - "Ashes"
Scoring To Picture Assignment #7 - "Best Christmas Ever"
Scoring To Picture Assignment #8 - "Leminiscatus"
Scoring To Picture Assignment #9 - "Lucas Sees A Ghost"
The Music Business