I have taken a look at several celebrity-composer training and masterclasses. While they may be inspiring, and have some great points, there is a huge problem!


  • With other online film scoring programs, you watch and listen. With The Complete Film Composer, you will actually be scoring real-world scenes.
  • Learning by doing is the best!
  • We have filmed many scenes to teach you scoring in various genres such as action, romantic, suspense, comedy, etc.
  • This course covers the entire orchestra, the technology of scoring, and the Business of Being a Composer.  Over 20 hours of content and training!
  • You are learning from a respected , successful working composer with two decades of experience!
  • Learn in a supportive and encouraging environment no matter what your level!
  • Get real, honest feedback on your cues.
  • Go at your own pace – the program works with your schedule.
  • We teach you how to go out and MAKE MONEY!
  • The Complete Film Composer is a fraction of the cost of a University program!
Film Scoring Instructor Michael Whittaker's Studio
The Complete Film Composer Film Scoring Instructor Michael Whittaker Conducting In The Studio

What do i need to start this program?


  • All you need is a computer or laptop, a DAW (Like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, etc.), and an introductory sample library that you can purchase for as little as $29!
  • This program is all about learning the Art of the Score, manipulating the audience’s emotions, and creating the perfect music that serves the film.
  • While you will be learning how to make the most incredible mockups with samples, the most important thing to know is how to create music that augments the scene.
  • You can grow in your sound libraries, but The Complete Film Composer will make you a better composer. People who have taken my class have started out with little film scoring knowledge and are now scoring real-world projects and MAKING MONEY!
Film Scoring Instructor Michael Whittaker At His Studio



  • University programs at Berkeley, UCLA, USC, etc., are tens of thousands of dollars! 
  • The content is not just for “beginners”. It is comprehensive, even for more experienced musicians.
  • A University degree can be great, but no one will ever ask you for it in the real world.
  • Many people take this as preparation for University coursework.
  • University programs are often light on real-world business training and what the cutting-edge technology and samples are.

Start the Complete Film Composer at any level and with any DAW.

Vienna Ensemble Pro DAW Screen For Film Scoring


MIDI Mockups

MIDI Controllers

Sample Libraries

Vienna Ensemble Pro

Technology Of Scoring To Picture

Orchestra Performing

Understanding Orchestration For Film

Lessons With Every Orchestral Instrument

Understanding The Psychology Of Music For Film

Advanced Instruction From Real World Orchestrator David Shipps

Film Scoring Spotting Session

Score To Picture Assignments

10 Real World Scoring Projects

Individual Evaluation Of Your Cues

Romantic Comedy, Suspense, Action, And More

Make Money Through Film Scoring!

Making Money In Film And TV Deep Dive

Lessons From Successful Motivators

Industry Tips And Back Doors To Get Work

Understanding Industry Gatekeepers

Making Your Own Comprehensive Plan